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Susan Lacroix

Integrative counsellor and SEP (Somatic experiencing practitioner)

I am a qualified integrative counsellor and my aim is to listen and share whatever is affecting you and your life: and then together to address it with what seem to be the most useful means available to us. I am also a qualified somatic experiencing practitioner, trained in working with trauma.

Trauma could mean a recent and particular event or a chronic situation from childhood and might centre on physical conditions like fibromyalgia, or memory difficulties, anxiety, depression and anger issues. This perspective sees trauma as residing in the autonomic nervous system and the body itself, rather than in the mind’s memory and by working with the body in unravelling things rather than working directly with the story itself, we have a better chance of avoiding bringing up all the associated trauma symptoms.

If you would like a free initial conversation please send an email (see below).