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Diane Taylerson

Integrative/Humanistic Counsellor

Hello my name is Diane, I am a BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) Registered Counsellor and hold a Degree in Counselling with Distinction from the University of Bristol. I am also an accredited Counsellor, Qualified Supervisor, and group facilitator for Cruse Bereavement Care with over fifteen years’ experience.

In addition to this I have worked for well-known child bereavement Charity providing support to parents and their families following the death of a child.

Bereavement Counselling

Following a recent or past bereavement it can be difficult trying to navigate our way through an array of complex and often intense emotions and feeling’s following a loved one’s death. Or someone very close.

I have extensive experience of working with complicated bereavement. Unexpected or expected losses.

Counselling: Some issues people may bring

Taking the first step towards entering into counselling can feel quite daunting and sometimes overwhelming. If you are reading this, then it might be that you are struggling at the moment but not sure if counselling will help, or what to expect?

Whether your difficulties are long standing, or you feel you may need some support right now during this difficult and challenging time-please feel free to call me (see below). Or for further information, and how to contact me please visit my website (see below).