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Ms Anna Clifford

Integrative Counsellor

After completing my counselling training, I worked in a large secondary school as a Counsellor for a year in Norfolk before relocating to Bristol. For 4 years I  worked in a large secondary school as a Pastoral Mentor- providing social, emotional and behavioural support to young people as well. In private practice I work with young adults aged 16+.

​Some of the areas in which I have experience in include: Relationships, life transitions, self-esteem, identity, stress and depression, anxiety disorders, body image issues, and anger management.

I have a particular interest in working with life changes/transitions.This may include changes in a relationship, moving house or moving abroad, going to university or changing jobs. When life brings new transitions, whether planned or unplanned, we are left to adapt to a new way of being which can often be unsettling and difficult to deal with.
I’m also really interested in working with people who struggle with personal relationships and making connections. I’m interested in working with the “here and now” to address whats going on between us in the room and then helping you to apply this to what happens in ‘real’ life with relationships.