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If your emotional well-being is affected by the pandemic

We are a group of experienced therapists
in the Bath and Bristol area
who would like to help

To make our help accessible to as many people as possible,
we have decided to offer a limited number of sessions at a minimal cost

Are you feeling low, anxious or emotionally overwhelmed?

For many of us, coping with the current pandemic can be challenging and overwhelming. Low mood, anxiety and general feelings of stress are common when faced with traumatic events outside our control.

Having a safe space to voice feelings, fears and worries can help you overcome such negative emotions and discover new and healthy ways of coping.

By talking to us, you can allow yourself to be the sole focus of attention and care, and you do not need to worry about overwhelming your listener.

To make such help accessible to as many people as possible, all support during the national emergency is offered at a minimal cost.

Who we are

During these extraordinary times. we are a group of experienced private therapists working in Somerset and Wiltshire who have come together to support the psychological well-being of our community.

We hope to be able to offer support face-to-face in the near future. At present,  the support is offered online (for example using Skype or Zoom) or via the telephone.

A very warm welcome to our list of therapists

Please do not hesitate to contact one of us for support.

We like to help

The initiative was first introduced to one of the largest groups of therapists in the South West, the therapy room provider The Practice Rooms of which most of us are members. One benefit of this to you is that the Practice Rooms only confers membership to therapists who have demonstrated evidence of professional qualification and indemnity insurance.

Please note that being listed here ( or having a registration with The Practice Rooms – is not an endorsement of the services offered by each individual therapist. Like for any other listings of therapists on the internet, we encourage you to review your chosen therapist’s entry on their accrediting professional body and indeed talk to us to satisfy yourself of our qualifications and standards of proficiency.