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Announcement | March 2021

The - We like to help - initiative has retired

From the bottom of my heart,  I like to thank everyone who have volunteered time and support to the initiative

Why has the initiative retired?

The initiative was formed 12 months ago out of a wish to do something to help people suffering from emotional distress during the National Emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

All support was provided by private therapist volunteers in the Bath and Bristol area. The initiative never received any external funding and the costs of running it was generously covered by the volunteers themselves.

It was hoped that we would be able to offer the service for at least a year and this milestone has now been achieved. Thankfully, the extreme conditions of the emergency are no longer present. We dearly hope that the support we offered has been helpful.

If you are in need of psychological support or therapy, please consult your GP.

Thank you